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Margaretville Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient laboratory testing, including testing for the community, emergency room patients and Mountainside Residential Care Center patients. Our team of New York State-licensed Medical Technologists and a Phlebotomist and provide safe, accurate, and prompt laboratory results at the request of your primary care physician.

Lab office: 845.517.6304
Main lab: 845.450.3157
Phlebotomy room: 845.450.3158

Open Monday – Thursday, 8:15 a.m. – 12 p.m.
A general chemistry screen is a blood test that measures the level of many different substances in the patient’s blood. It can be done as a part of a physical examination, to help a doctor plan lifestyle or diet changes, to look for causes of specific symptoms, or as a precaution before undergoing surgery. Any test ordered by a physician that is not performed “in house” is sent to our Medical Board-approved Reference Lab, with some results provided within 24 hours.
Hematology testing studies many aspects of our patients’ blood. One common test is a complete blood count, which is a detailed accounting of red and white blood cells and platelets that can detect the presence of viral and bacterial infections as well as leukemia. Our technologists also perform prothrombin and activated partial thromboplastin time tests, which can determine clotting tendencies of blood, sometimes as a part of presurgical testing. Our technologists also perform routine urinalysis with microscopic reflex, as well as mononucleosis testing, drugs of abuse screenings, pregnancy screenings, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing for inflammation.
We have a wide range of microbiologic tests available that can use different swabs and collection containers to detect the presence of harmful pathogens. Screening tests for strep throat are performed immediately on site; most other testing is sent to a lab, where results are obtained and confirmed within a few days, if not hours.
The laboratory is host to a blood bank; which provides blood products when ordered by physicians or when in need in trauma and emergency situations. The stored blood is obtained from the American Red Cross with stock levels updated as needed daily.