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Gastrointestinal Services

man and woman Margaretville Hospital offers gastrointestinal and endoscopic services that can diagnose and treat a large number of disorders. We assist our patients at every stage: from admission, through your procedure, recovery, and discharge — with expert care. Emergent gastroenterologic care is always available, as well as both inpatient and outpatient elective procedures. Procedures should be scheduled through your primary care physician.


Upper Endoscopy/Gastroscopy

The most common form of endoscopy, an Upper Endoscopy is a minimally-invasive diagnostic procedure that visualizes the gastrointestinal tract up to the small intestine. A thin fiber-optic cable with a tiny camera is inserted via the throat and gently guided through the esophagus by a board-certified gastroenterologist.

It can be used to diagnose disorders such as anemia, gastrointestinal bleeding, dyspepsia, heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Barrett’s syndrome and gastric or duodenal ulcer. There are a number of internal medicine procedures that can be performed endoscopically, including Transesophageal Incisionless Fundoplication for GERD patients.


Colonoscopy is one way a physician performs a colorectal screening. It is another form of endoscopy that examines the colon and small bowel using a fiber-optic camera and a flexible tube; in some instances, the physician can remove polyps or growths with the scope, which can be tested for cancer at a laboratory.

It is a routine colon cancer screening test for patients over the age of 50 thanks to its low risk and high degree of accuracy.

Colonoscopy can also diagnose colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.



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